streda 1. mája 2013

The first day of May

The first day of the month of  May 
represent the time of year
when warmer weather begins
and flowers and trees statr to blosoome.

It is said to be a time of love and romance. 

It is known that people celebrate the coming
of summer with lots of different customs. 

That are expressions of joy and hope
After a long winter.  

Have you been kissed today???

7 komentárov:

  1. Of course I was by... warm sunbeams, LOL!!!!
    Have a wonderful May month!!!

    1. me to dear Belita...:-)

      and it was really pleasant...

      Enjoy this beautiful and powerful month...

  2. I am kissed every day! :)

    Have a beautiful month!

    1. lucky you Martha...

      Have a beautiful every day of this month...

  3. I like your photo. May is the month of flowers. My garden has already some roses and jasmine flowers. It smells fantastic!

  4. Thank you Leonor...I absolutely agree with you...May is the month of flowers... I think only that in your garden it is much more earlier...Have a beautiful weekend...

  5. Hi Viera I hope you are well. It is almost June and sunny and in the 80`s F here. I haavent been kissed today :(
    hugs my special friend.