pondelok 3. marca 2014

Königswarte - Observation Tower ( 344 meters above sea level)

Around the Royal Observatory, 

Austria 's easternmost summit 

there is a small hiking paradise has developed , 

which enjoys increasing popularity .

Information boards tell 

of the turbulent past of the small mountain, 

which belongs geologically to 

 the Carpathian Mountains.

The Pannonian climate influenced by the plant 

and animal world has many rarities.

In particular, the observation tower
(27 m high) 

is a popular one because 

it offers a unique panoramic 

view to the Neusiedler See, 

in the lowlands almost to Vienna and

the Slovak capital Bratislava 

is a right at your feet 

Koenigswarte has always been 

a strategically important point.

The mountains called Hundsheimer Berge

or sometimes Hainburger Berge (481 m high)

and feature the ruins of Pottenburg Castle 

the former stronghold near the Theban gate

Bird's eye view from a hill to Bratislava

That reminds me the movie 

"Gone with the wind"

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  1. Wow, such great history. I would love that observation tower.

  2. Thank you Rebecca for visiting...

  3. Ty si z tých fotiek vydolovala priam zázrak! Pekné. Dúfam, že keď pôjdeme nabudúce, tak nám bude viac priať počasie.

    1. To dúfam aj ja...len mám obavy aby sme nestretli tých diviakov...No a pri fotkách mi pomáhal Picasa, veď vieš...Je šikovný...

  4. Just found your blog and love to see nature in different parts of the world. Nice photos.

    1. Many thanks for visiting my blog...I'll visit yours... It seems be very interesting...

  5. The view is leaving me breathless! As would the climbing of the stairs! :o)

  6. Very very much interesting historic information, nicely illustrated with awesome shots...

    1. Thanks for stopping in Belita and commenting on my blog....I was there for the first time...

  7. what an interesting and beautiful place. Love your images. :)

  8. Many thanks for your comment and visiting my blog...

  9. Hi,Viera. Nice captures. Your photos are very beautiful. I especially like the bird eye's view photo. The last shot reminds me the last line " Tomorrow is another day". Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you very much Minoru for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment...

  11. I can see why this hiking trail is popular. Love the photos and especially the observation tower and ruined castle tower.

  12. Than you Valerie for visiting and leaving your lovely comment...