utorok 16. septembra 2014



 Bojnice Castle

The gem of Bojnice is the ”fairy-tale” 

Bojnický zámok Castle, 

one of the most visited and most beautiful

 castles not only in Slovakia, but also in central Europe.

The Castle stands on a large travertine 

monticule on the site of medieval castle 

from the 11th century. 

In the past, the most famous 

Hungarian noble families owned
it and the last of them was the family of Pálfi. 

Count Ján Pálfi had the structure 

reconstructed by the architect J. Hubert 

from Budapest at the end of the 19th century 

following the pattern of romantic 

castles of the Loire in central France.



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  1. This is beautiful, Viera! I love it. I hope you are well.

  2. Wonderful reflections of a remarkable castle. Lovely shot.

  3. It could be the illustration of a fairy tale... beautiful!

  4. Hi,Viera. Your reflection photo is very beautiful. The photo looks like come from a fairy tale. Thank you for your message. I came from a trip yesterday.

  5. How could I miss this one ?! It is stunning ! I feel like I stumbled on the set of a fairy tale. Gorgeous !

  6. Incredible view... Like a fairytale castle...