utorok 28. júna 2016

The officers' pavilion, KOMÁRNO, SLOVAKIA


The officers' pavilion was built in 1858-1863 in a neo-Gothic style,
 resembling English Gothic architecture.
It is a two-storied corner building with two polygonal
angle towers on the main facade with a terrace on the main floor.
The neo-Gothic building of the officers' pavilion is located
 in the same neighbourhood with the general Klapka square
en route to the New and Old Fortresses
 Originally, the building was used as an apartment block
for the officers (and their families) of the imperial
and the royal army.
 On the main floor, there was a casino for the officers,
which nowadays serves for the representative purposes
 of the city. In 1999-2000 an amphitheater was
built on its courtyard.


9 komentárov:

  1. Lovely yellow color buildings and the reflections are really beautiful.

  2. Very beautiful duo...love that main door, not to mention the reflection in the second shot from the top... No doubt, reflections are your master pieces...

    1. The bulding is very interesting and great adapted to this place...Actually it is a summer open-air theater... http://www.virtualtravel.sk/en/panorama/nitra-region/komarno/city-attractions/stage-in-the-pavilion-of-officers/

  3. That's a stunning building, beautiful reflection and colours..

  4. Thank you Geoff for your comment...