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Slovakia - for MYK

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Welcome to Slovakia  *  Myk asked everyone on his friends list to write about their country.  

Well Myk here is my country and city....


The Slovak Republic

(SK) is a landlocked nation-state in Central Europe. More specifically, it is at the geographical center of Europe and is bordered by the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria.

Slovakia's history  is one of the most 
interesting in all of Europe,
though it remains relatively
unknown in the 
Western world...

Even since the Slavs were invaded
by the Magyars, over one tousand years ago,
Slovakia has struggled to be
recognized  as a nation state...

The capital is Bratislava


Actually was alredy the capital of Royal Hungary, until the Turks were finally ousted from Central Europe, in 1786. Due to here were crowned of 19 Habsburg sovereigns as Kings and Queens of Hungary.

Folk Art

Folk arts and crafts, which include wood carving, fabric weaving, and glass painting, have a long and popular tradition in Slovakia, especially in rural areas. Examples of folk architecture, such as wooden churches and brightly painted houses, are found throughout the country, particularly in the Ukrainian communities of Eastern Slovakia.







The development of Slovak culture reflects the country's rich folk tradition, in addition to the influence of broader European trends



Magnificent mountains, plains and rivers, historical towns and remarkable cultural events make Slovakia a country worth the visit. 


wooden churches are remarcable

The eastern Slovak capital and the country's second-largest city  is Košice


St. Elizabeth's Cathedral
built between 1378 and 1508

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