nedeľa 16. júla 2006

Memories of my Mom

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My Mom in her life was always doing something for us...she did everything with love and very cheerfully.
She passed away in July 17th 2001
Mom I'll always be missing you...

My angel where do you fly
why you don't stay close next to me
when you're not with me
you can not see my sorrow  properly

My angel is flying over me
and is the gardian of my steps
I know she comes aways to me
when the smile fades away
from my face

Be a beautiful storm for a moment
and stroke my cheeks with the rain
as a little spark flying through the darkness
I'll tell you everything ,
you're my angel, Heigness
The white rose

My angel came down from the sky,
rain drop after rain drop caressed my face
I'm not sorrowful anymore
As far as I know  -  She's with me...

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