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How to draw a cat

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Cats can be very hard to draw because of their complex
 markings and varied poses. Often a thin cat will
look very fat when sitting . Sometimes when
you try to add the body and legs,
it just doesn't look quite right.

But we believe that drawing a cat can
be pretty easy if you break it down
into some simple steps. If you have a
cat of your own, watch it ...

                                Step 1:

CircleYup, just a circle.


       Step 2:


At this point our cat looks something 
like the way people describe aliens from
another planet. Cats can have almond-shaped
eyes or round eyes. Note that the eyes
are placed about in the middle of our circle.

Step 3:
We've added a V for the nose.
 For the mouth we've placed a straight
line under the nose, with two lines on each side.
The ears are placed on  each side of
 the head; they look a little like leaves.

Step 4 :We've added some detail such as whiskers,
 and stripes. We also filled in the ears
to make them look more realistic.
In this drawing we made the nose
V into a triangle, and turned it slightly

can keep yours straight if you want to.

Step 5:

The main thing to remember when doing
a cat's body is to be sure to place
the head on its body (you almost never
see a cat's neck). Now this tip may
sound silly, but lots of people don't
quite make the connection.
Make the front legs with three
straight lines. The paws can be
indicated with three U-type lines.
The best part of drawing a cat is
 adding unique markings. They can be
stripes for a tabby, spots or anything
you think would be fun. Most black cats
have a spot of white at their necks, and
sometimes some white in their ears too.







That's the whole picture of the prettiest cat...



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