piatok 15. septembra 2006


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To draw a face, we need to really
LOOK at a face. Most people
draw the eyes at the top of
the oval head shape.
But look at the pink lines...
the eyes are really about
half way between the top of
the head and the chin.
Many people also make
the ears too small.
Look at the blue line.
The ear starts at the eyebrow
level and ends at the bottom
of the nose. And the nose
(see the red line), should go
to about half way from the eyes
to the chin. While we might
not like to admit that we have
big mouths, your mouth is
probably as wide as imaginary
lines (the green lines) drawn
from the pupil (the black dot
in your eye) downward to where
you mouth should be... which is
a little less than half way from
the bottom of your nose to
the bottom of your chin! Lastly,
you will want to put a "real"
looking neck on your person.
Too thin of a neck just won't work.
See the white lines? The neck
is thicker than you think!

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