sobota 5. januára 2013

Happy weekend...

Staying in and reading by listening a music is my big plan this weekend. The weather forecast says rain and chilly. My body says rest and chilling. And my sofa says something like 'I am so comfy and look at your new cute pillow, snuggle up and stay here'. Well, after all it seems that even rainy winter weekends have a good side. They don't make you feel guilty for sleeping long and staying in.
Today I will most certainly enjoy even a rainy and cold winter weekend.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Happy weekend, Viera! When the weather is lousy outdoors, I have no problem staying in and curling up with a good book. It's one of my favourite things to do in the winter. Relax, stay warm and enjoy!

    1. Thank you Martha...I hope your weekend was great as well...

  2. Happy weekend
    Takes the weight off your shoulders and enjoy
    life fully. Today, at least today,
    do not worry about anything. simply
    enjoy life awaits you just around the
    target. Expected life that comes as a
    child waiting for a new gift each
    time. For life is a gift. Be mild
    at all times and you will feel like a
    gift of love and peace and also be able
    of making the lives of many others in a Gift
    Like yours.
    Hoping you are well
    I send you a big hug from heart
    and kisses the soul.
    Thanks for your friendship

    1. Thank you dear Nancy ...I wish you a beautiful week ahead...

  3. Nice décor that invites to stay at home when the weather is not favourable to go out and enjoy the open air. Love those cushions...

  4. I'm sniffling and it was a reason for staying in as well...
    Thank you Belita for visiting and

    Enjoy the following week...