sobota 26. januára 2013

Kitten Embraces the Morning Sun

                   Kitten Embraces the Morning Sun (Imgur), Source: PictureCorrect Photography Tips

We surely love the morning sun, especially in the cold winter, when the sunrise wakes us up.

The following photo is a cat exudes contentment, his eyes are closed and he is almost reaching towards the light that is casting a beautiful glow upon his face.

It is truly a beautiful photo a moment captured so perfectly you can almost feel the warmth yourslelf just by looking upon it.
This is one adorable cat who really likes the warmth of the sunlight too.

Wishing you a beautiful sunny weekend

4 komentáre:

  1. That is a beautiful photo; it's message is clear. The sun provides joy to many of this world's creatures.

  2. Thank you Martha. I absolutely agree with you...the sun provides joy and happiness...

  3. Very cute ohoto, Viera! Hope your weekend was a good one. Sophie has arrived safely and fortunately the weather seems to be cooperative. Today we are going up to the Castle and downtown. Chatting until very late and getting up not early at all.... you know well my style... Have a nice week! Hugs

  4. That's great news Belita...I hope that the weather will be always let you enjoying all your visits...

    Wishing you a beautiful time ...