sobota 30. marca 2013


Is it Easter or Christmas ?

Many Europeans would be forgiven for being confused by winter's icy grip on lands that
should be thawing in springtime temperatures
by now

What is todays date...please?
I have to mistaken something...

I'm still in the hospital with such a beautiful
view to the garden...

6 komentárov:

  1. Happy Easter dear Viera

    The best of luck

  2. Thank you dear Regina...a very same to you... Enjoy

  3. I have never experienced such a bad weather in Lisbon at this time of the year. It has been raining heavily and today more than ever. Nice view you have from your hospital room. At least nothing is bad by 100 percent. All the best to you, my good friend Viera!

  4. Yes, with snow on the ground, it's hard to determine what holiday it is! Have a lovely day ahead.

  5. Tak toto jazierko poznám, bohužiaľ, aj ja. Ležala som tam v novembri 2005.

  6. no mobilová fotka...ja som tam bola tento rok dvakrát...