utorok 12. marca 2013

Paris under the Snow

Paris was covered by a blanket of Snow this morning, creating scenes of a different vision of the City of Light.

The snow was still falling in the morning. The majority of public transportation was immobilized and the streets were frozen.

Paris airport screens flashed with red warnings after the French civil aviation authority ordered about 300 flights - a quarter of the day's total - canceled out of Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Fortunately not mine...

at the airport

It had to happen...The cold weather I’ve had in the last two days of my stay and you won't find it surprising to hear that it snowed in Paris.

But finally I’m back in Bratislava

However Paris was beautiful

4 komentáre:

  1. I'm sure it would have been much better if during your stay in Paris, the sun had been your company... However, Paris is always Paris, isn't it?... a city for all seasons!!! Glad to know you returned back home, safely. Hugs

    1. yes Belita... Paris is always Paris.. only by the bad weather you have to visit the small caff very often...what also is not bad :-)

  2. It's probably fascinating to visit no matter the weather. I have yet to go, but my brother has gone a few times. And he has loved it every single visit. Perhaps one day I will get the opportunity.

    I hope you had a lovely time. And I'm happy to know that you are home safe and sound :)

    1. To visit Paris it is a must...and not only once... I'm sure dear Martha, that you'll find the opportunity , and you'll be fascinated... no doubt about it...you'll take a many beautiful pictures as well...