utorok 17. septembra 2013

Why People Don't Tell The Truth

The most dangerous untruths are truths moderately distorted. 

~Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Everyone  tells a white lie on ocasion,
it 's just a question of why...

Some white lies save relationship,
some ease a hectic situation,and
others buy us time or a good feeling...?

The list could go on forever.
Stretching the truth is a natural component
of human instinct because it's the easy way out.
We all do  it, so there is no reason 
to deny it.
Honestly, I think the world is probably a better place because of our white lies.

As long as we aren't hurting others 
or breaking the law,these
innocent lies can make life more pleasant. 
They can absorb potential friction between our 
varying personalities and
vacillating moods as we nudge into one 
another on that quest through our
daily routine.

Most of these white lies only
stretch an interpretation of what 
the truth actually is anyways.

Given our ridig optimism to each lead
a tailored ideal life, white lies simply
cushion us from ourselves...

However, it can destroy years of friendship ... 

 if only  it was a real friendship?

With lies you may get ahead
in the world 
you can never go back....

~ proverb~

5 komentárov:

  1. Sometimes white lies are necessary. We have to use them only when needed. It's the gossipy lies that disturb me. Those are malicious.

  2. The problem is that normally liars never think that by telling a lie, their panties are on fire... Interesting blog!

  3. Niekedy je naozaj lepšie nepovedať pravdu, ale vtedy sa snažím radšej nejakým spôsobom odpovedi vyhnúť. Ten, kto chce klamať, by mal mať veľmi dobrú pamäť, aby si pamätal, čo kedy povedal, aj čo kedy oklamal :-)
    Pekný deň bez klamstiev ti želám!

  4. Indeed, sometimes the people tell the white lies to solve the complicated problems and save the relationship. so, Interesting post.

  5. Najhoršie klamstvo je od priateľa, lebo to dokáže aj zabiť priateľstvo!
    PRAVDA VŽDY VÝJDE NA JAVO pretože lož ma kratke nohy.....

    Neber človeku jeho hlúposť, možno je to to jediné čo má ..

    You can't get away with a lie; the truth will always come out!