utorok 21. novembra 2006


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I received this message today and I'll share it with you:


My name is Gary Hogan.

My wife, Cindy, is 32 years old and has just been diagnosed 3 days ago with stage 4 cervical cancer and her chances for survival are very slim. She was pregnant with our second child and had miscarried recently at 3 months, and now we know why. This is a request for you to forward this message to everyone you know asking for prayer. The more people that pray for her to be healed, the better.
Pray and forward. It only takes a second to hit "forward".
Please do it and don't delete this, your prayer can, and perhaps will, save her life. Please pray and ask everyone you know to pray for the HEALING of Cindy and the removal of all cancer in her body, so she may enjoy all that life has to offer, and to continue to be the wonderful mother to our 5 year old son, Michael. The power of Prayer is unsurpassed. I want the whole world to have her in their prayers next few weeks. God will hear our cry. Please do not be offended by my plea. This is only a request for your help.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this and helping with our request for healing! No words can express the power we have when we each do a little to come together.
Regards, Cindy's in-love husband - Gary

Mother and child

Thank you, and please send it to the far reaches of our world.

pondelok 20. novembra 2006


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Picasso's famed "Dream" painting turned into a nightmare for Las Vegas casino magnate Steve Wynn when he accidentally gave the multimillion dollar canvas an elbow.



Wynn had just finalized a $139 million sale to another collector of his painting, called "Le Reve", when he poked a finger-sized hole in the artwork while showing it to friends at his Las Vegas office a couple of weeks ago, his elbow crashed backward right through the canvas.There was a terrible noise.

He only said: "Look what I've done. Thank goodness it was me."








piatok 10. novembra 2006


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I'll only say

to all my

 beautiful friends







nedeľa 5. novembra 2006


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Gilbert Bécaud

1927 - 2001

Red place


La place Rouge était vide

Devant moi marchait Nathalie

Il avait un joli nom, mon guide



La place Rouge était blanche

La neige faisait un tapis

Et je suivais par ce froid dimanche





Elle parlait en phrases sobres

De la révolution d'octobre

Je pensais déjà


Qu'après le tombeau de Lénine

On irait au cafe Pouchkine

Boire un chocolat


Et quand la chambre fut vide

Tous les amis etaient partis

Je suis resté seul avec mon guide


Plus question de phrases sobres

Ni de révolution d'octobre

On n'en était plus là 


Fini le tombeau de Lenine

Le chocolat de chez Pouchkine
C'est, c'était loin déjà