nedeľa 23. novembra 2014

Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka - New Zealand

Lake Wanaka lies at the heart of the Otago Lakes 

in the lower South Island of New Zealand 

and was formed by glacial erosion during the last ice age, 

more than 10,000 years ago

piatok 21. novembra 2014

Christmas market in Bratislava

For many Bratislava citizens,

 the opening of the city’s annual Christmas market

 is the true beginning of the holiday season

Christmas market starts on November 23

reflection in a shopping window

nedeľa 16. novembra 2014



the town situated on the south of Slovakia, 

is linked with one of the branches 

of the aristocratic Magyar Esterházy family. 

The family left the two important historical 

buildings – the Renaissance Manor House 

(from the 17th century) and the Neo-Gothic 

Manor House (from the year 1860).

The Neo-Gothic Manor House in Galanta 

was built in 1633 by brothers 

Daniel and Paul Esterházy 

as a renaissance fortress. 

In 1736 it was rebuilt in the baroque style. 

Its present-day look is the result 

of the vast reconstruction done 

by Joseph Esterházy, who was inspired 

by the romantic English Gothic style.

(Unfortunately now closed 
and abandoned 
- waiting for his reconstruction)

streda 12. novembra 2014


The expiatory church of La Sagrada Família is a work 
on a grand scale which was begun on 19 March 1882 
from a project by the diocesan architect Francisco de Paula del Villar (1828-1901). 

At the end of 1883 Gaudí was commissioned to carry on the works, 
a task which he did not abandon until his death in 1926. 
Since then different architects have continued the work after his original idea. 

The building is in the centre of Barcelona, and over the years 
it has become one of the most universal signs of identity of the city and the country.

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