streda 31. augusta 2011


Lisbon has welcomed me
with a beautiful day and
it's so nice to have my feet set
on this familiar ground!
I spent my first day on here,
revisiting some places
and doing shopping
Lisbon downtown area...

piatok 26. augusta 2011

I'm tired

I’m tired and I could not sleep…

Walking is one exercise, which help me
to stabilize my weight,
build muscle endurance and
generally improve my health
over the time.
But suddenly my body grows tired…

My trainer tried to use
the concept of "no pain, no gain",
and he let me believe,
that my body is not tired.

But mine mind is telling me
that my body is tired because
I am not accustomed to
a long physical training
and these days is
really very hot here.

Anyway... since two days ago
I can't get not proper sleep,
and I'm getting even more tired...


Therefore I decided to take a rest and alike
I will not be
on the blogosphere  for next ten days.

This time I'm  planning to visit Lisbon,
and I'll stay at my best friend Belita...

So I wish you a beautiful time too.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon.

sobota 20. augusta 2011


How to avoid quarreling?

The main reason of quarreling is that many people think that is only one answer to the question. The quarreler’s point is that “I’m right. You are wrong”. The problem is that the quarreling has no end if they all thing in this way.
In fact, there is no absolute answer about the problem. The problem just is different view, not wrong and right.
People who are good at quarreling will stand in the view of others or compare the difference between them. Then the quarrel ends soon.

Someone who is not adept in quarreling wants to confute the other to prove they are right. However the result is that they are internecine.
Never quarrel when you have visitor.
In this case quarreler wants to prove he is right. Sometime he hopes to get support from the third one. In order to get the support, he will tell the other’s fault ceaselessly.
It hurt friend's love badly to tell the other’s fault to the third one. Friends should avoid it in your best, or you will be hurt...

pondelok 8. augusta 2011


A pain  -  I do not mean a physical pain as a fall from a bicycle, or from  roller skates or tripping over  the corner of the bed. I'm talking about the pain, the shooting pain inside which brings tears to the eyes and grips the heart. Pain for which there is no pill or ointment to cure.  I'm talking about the pain which others cause us, or the pain which we cause to others and for which we cannot find an excuse.
How can we avoid the pain which churns our conscience?
Pain as if a careless surgeon’s scalpel has carved into our souls. Pain which others can’t see, but nonethaless is like a disease in our inside.
Some say that such pain is good for us, because it leads us further and helps us overcome our weaknesses and we could build a stronger self.
Friedrich Nietzsche once said: "What does not kill you, it will make you stronger."
Is this really true?
Others say that the pain could overcome you. Rob you of the joy to which you have a right. What a life is it if you cannot rejoice in it and be glad  each day, and if someone deprives you of that joy you have to defend yourself - strike, if necessary, before you are hurt by them.

But I don’t want that this power to kill a part of me, by someone who may reach out a hand to me for asking for help.
"Even though – sometimes for me nobody helped at critical times.  I've had to overcome the difficulty by myself."

 What is the right way to bring peace to my soul?
 Who knows?

sobota 6. augusta 2011

Another sunny day

Kuchajda is a natural swimming pool in Bratislava. The lake is used
by fishermen throughout the year and provides a pleasant cooling on hot summer days...