utorok 27. augusta 2013



~ Socrates ~

piatok 23. augusta 2013

Angle of reflection

                                    Park behind the Castle Laxenburg, Austria 

Schloss Laxenburg just south of Vienna
is one of the three main residences 
of the imperial Habsburg family.

Its castle grounds are considerated 
to be a showpiece as far as 
it concerns the horticulture of the
18th/19th century.

It was empress Maria Theresa 
together with her grand-son, emperor 
Franz who were responsible 
for the expansion of the park.
The gardens are decorated 
in a lovely and fanciful way...


utorok 20. augusta 2013

On the Riverbank...

The river is constantly turning and bending 
and you never know where it's going to go 
and where you'll wind up.

Following the bend in the river 
and staying on your own path means that 
you are on the right track.

 Don't let anyone deter you from that.

~ Eartha Kitt 

sobota 17. augusta 2013

Angle of reflection...

Austria, Vienna, Belvedere

At the time that the prince Eugene of Savoy
was planning to buy the land 
on the outskirts of Vienna 
for his Belvedere project,
 the area was completely undeveloped – 
an ideal place to construct a landscaped 
garden and summer palace...

Weekend Reflections

Morning in my city

The photos that were taken

on my way to the  castle...

štvrtok 15. augusta 2013


                                   Austria, Niederösterreich, TULLN

" Life is like the river,
sometimes it sweeps you 
gently along 
and sometimes 
the rapids come out of nowhere."

- Emma Smith

sobota 10. augusta 2013


I’ve been day dreaming about having an 
old-school picnic in the park or garten
with friends lately.

I can’t remember the last time I had a picnic 
– complete with the blanket and basket. 

There's nothing more relaxing or romantic 
than picnicking ... 

I'm not sure if it's the warm sun, good food, 
or lying in the grass; but I love it. 

But now, when  the summer weather 
decided that the temperature
 will  be mild, I am going 
 to gather friends and family over a pool-party, summer brunch or 
even a barbecue in the garden

– and this will be my inspiration…

What about  the outfit.
Choosing the comfortable attire 
for the event always comes first. 

Now, considering this for tomorrow 
I might have chosen a few items 
that aren’t all that 
“picnic appropriate”.
What  do you mean??


piatok 9. augusta 2013

Happy weekend...

" I believe that as much as you take, you have to give back...

it is important not to focus on yourself too much..."

Wishing you a beautiful weekend...

štvrtok 8. augusta 2013

It's hot in the city...

It's hot in the city 
(remember who sang that one?) 

The fountain with the kids 

splashing on a hot, 

 summer, day...

Today it was also 
the hottest day....

pondelok 5. augusta 2013

Zygmunt Bell in Krakow's Wawel Cathedral

Remember the famous Big Ben's chime? In Krakow you can see, and actually even touch, an equal of the London bell of the Houses of Parliament. Huge Zygmunt (Sigismund) bell,  is nearly 9 feet across too. At the same time Krakow’s Big Sig is a third heavier, weighing 18 metric tons. It is also some 350 years older than its English counterpart, having been cast in Krakow in 1520.

The giant which ranks among the world's largest bells is one of the many attractions of the Wawel Cathedral  in Krakow. It's decorated with reliefs of St. Stanislav and St. Sigismund as well as the arms of Poland and Lithuania. It was donated to the Wawel Cathedral by Sigismund I the Old, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, when Krakow was the Polish capital. "Big Sig" still is where it was hung in 1521, i.e. at the top of a 14th-century tower turned into the Cathedral's belfry near the Wawel Royal Castle.

The beautifully deep toll of the huge Sigismund Bell is heard far away on important Church holidays and at the historic moments for the nation. And it needs the strength of ten men to ring the giant bell every Christmas, New Year Day or Easter Sunday.

It is needed to climb several flights of stairs of the 81 m hight  tower in order to see the famous Zygmunt and, usually, touch its 660-pound clapper. They say the wish then whispered is to materialize soon. Also the view of Krakow from the belfry seems worthwhile.