utorok 30. októbra 2012


The hightly desirable, illusive tote
at the moment has been claimed
by the famous luxury designer
Maison Goyard, a 144 year
Parisian luggage and handbag maker. 
Sightings of this bag are rare. 

In 1997 a fashion entrepreneur,
Jean Michel Signoles,
bought the established and
at the time antiquated brand
and brought it back to life. 

With a few pops of color to
Goyard's signature pieces,
Jean Michel managed to revamp
Goyard's stodgy image
into a relatable chic luxury
for the modern woman.   
Goyard's marketing strategy,
however remains conservative
and traditional in the sense
of their determined focus
on prestige and exclusivity. 

Oh  dear Santa Claus, 
when not Chanel  iconic bag ,
then this one...please...


The rain is already coming down
and coastliness are owerflowing
as the East Coast braces
for hurricane Sandy.

For a sesond time in a year,
NYC is under a complete lock down,
with subways, ending service
in anticipation of the storm.


sobota 27. októbra 2012

The Opera House in Krakow

Krakow has a great new opera house and theatre complex than ranks with the best in Europe.
After many years of strenuous efforts, the opening of the Krakow Opera was on December 13, 2008. Krakow composer Krzysztof Penderecki's "The Devils of Loudon", directed by Laco Adamik, will be inaugurating the new stage at 48 Lubicz Street.
The modernistic building, already a fixture on the cityscape of Krakow, was designed by Krakow architect Romuald Loegler and his associates Piotr Urbanowicz and Grzegorz Dresler. Construction began in 2004. The claret-coloured walls of the opera house, the largest structure of the complex, with the Great Stage inside, are imposing to say the least.

The grey building with its semicircular roof is uncannily reminiscent of the old Krakow Operetta, thereby keeping alive the memories of local opera lovers. The building, which served as a horse riding school at the beginning of the twentieth century, has been incorporated into the modern Opera House in an especially creative way.

Recomendation : If would you know where the Opera House is situated, please ask the tourists...the best from Australia....because many local people couldn't tell us  how to find it...Maybe it was only a language problem....The young couple from Australia showed us the way to the Opera immediately...

Anyway I prefer the old historical building "Juliusz Słowacki Theatre" which is located in the center of the city…

             Photo by Fillipo Bianchi - He puts the camera on the roof of a blue car to obtain a water-like effect


This theatre, named after the great
Romantic playwright, Juliusz Slowacki,
was built in 1892 by the Polish
architect Jan Zawiejski.

The exquisite theatre was opened in 1893.
It's a miniature version of Charles Garnier's
famous Paris Opera House.

Nowadays  in a historical  building is playing  only drama...

sobota 20. októbra 2012

štvrtok 18. októbra 2012

Castle Devin

Had a brilliant time locally today and yesterday...
I started yesterday with the intention of an early start, aiming to visit the Castle Devin which is located 10 km far from  my home. Morning view to the castle was amazing.

Virgin Tower

The ruin itself, however, is still a glorious landmark with turrets and
walls rising  from the rocky  hillsides.
Looking exactly  like a rock from a chess board, the Virgin Tower stands separately from the Upper Castle and its one of the  country's most iconic images.

Castle Devin

It was really beautiful morning...

pondelok 15. októbra 2012


“Even I Don’t Wake Up Looking Like Cindy Crawford!”

If even Cindy Crawford laments the fact
that she doesn’t look as good
as the Cindy Crawford represented in the media,
then why should the rest of us
feel guilty that we don’t
look like the celebrities

Oh Cindy...

I remember growing up and dreaming
about looking like her one day.
Obviously that didn't happen.
Not even with hooded eyes
and from a distance.
I even used to steal my Mum's eye liner
to make a beauty mark
above my lip similar to hers.

 Apparently she was discovered
at the age of 16 by a newspaper photographer
 when she was working during her summer job
in a corn field. So we have it.

The secret is in the corn!
I wish I knew it sooner ...

"Not that I believe I can have it all:
I believe I can have it all, just not at the same time

Anyway ... "When I wake up 
I wish looking like Cindy Crawford“

sobota 13. októbra 2012


"There have been several Duchesses of Westminster but there is only one Chanel."

Coco Chanel

Chanel bags are truly timeless. They have represented luxury and fashion for over 50 years. A 50 year old Chanel bag is more desirable today then it was then. A Chanel bag serves as an antique item…a collectors product, something to hand down to your daughter and granddaughter.

That reminds me that I need one...
Hm...Maybe I should write Santa or something...


The Chanel bag...

If there is one thing that would easily come to mind when someone says “Chanel”, it would probably be the image of their most iconic bag, the 2.55.

piatok 12. októbra 2012

Morning's mood

I'm pretty sure today is a beautiful day.
It's still morning, so it's not quite
deep enough into the day to tell,
but I think it will be.

And I don't mean beautiful as in sunny
and warm and refreshing
with a slight breeze.
I'm not talking about the weather.

I think today is going to be beautiful
for all its mundane moments.
Today's little things -- books to read,
places to go, food to eat --
have started to gather and
it's gonna be good.
I can tell.

And you know what,
to heck with all of that,
I want to create meaning and
substance and depth from nothing.
I want to do it everyday.
I want to live my life looking
for redemption in a sprinkler
and transcendence in the steam rising
from a pot of boiling water.
I want to look for God in the rain
that is just about to drop from
the heavy clouds at this very moment.

So maybe I am talking about the weather.

štvrtok 11. októbra 2012

streda 10. októbra 2012

The middle of the week

It may only be the middle of the week
but we’ve already got our weekends planned
and are super eager to kick-start a knees up.

But there’s only one qualm we need to sort
before we go wild – what to wear?

We have two days to arrange a killer style ...

nedeľa 7. októbra 2012

Indian Summer

If this Indian summer is giving you the itch to get away - let's go.

If your life is as hectic as mine, then the weekends are the stuff your dreams are made of.  There's nothing better than letting loose for both days, so why not truly get away from it all.   You don't need a big budgets and schedules,  call for something a little more, well, convenient. Enter the Austria — our neighbors to the south know a thing or two about easy livin', and the scenery and fresh air can't be beat.

A trip along the Austrian Danube unfolds like a treasured picture book. Roman ruins (some dating to Emperor Claudius), remains of medieval castles-in-air, and Baroque monasteries with "candle-snuffer" cupolas perching precariously above the river stimulate the imagination with their historic legends and myths.  If your schedule allows  gives more time to take in the picturesque vineyards and the castles perched on crags overlooking the river.


These activities are all perfect for a fall getaway. Can you say foliage?

sobota 6. októbra 2012

Happy weekend

I can’t believe it’s already October, can you?

The time is passing by like mad
and this is just another reminder to enjoy every moment,
stop and smell the flowers, listen to the birds chirping
and breathe in the fresh air like there’s no tomorrow.

That’s what I’m wishing you all for this weekend
and for every single day – life is too short,
let’s not miss all this bliss..


štvrtok 4. októbra 2012

The most beautiful day

As you fall asleep, say,

"I will sleep deeply and wake up
full of energy.
Tomorrow is going to be
the most beautiful day of my life."

Good night!