štvrtok 27. októbra 2011


I believe in pink


I believe in pink.
I believe that laughing is
the best calorie burner.
I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.
I believe in being strong when everything
seems to be going wrong.

I believe that happy girls are
the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is
another day and
I believe in miracles...

Audrey Hepburn

pondelok 24. októbra 2011




The first day of March and summer is
definitely on its way out.
The air is noticeably cooler,
the skies begin each day overcast,
the cardigans have come
out of the wardrobe and
the birds are milling anxiously
around the yard to be fed,
rather than sitting languidly
in the shade avoiding
the glaring sunshine.
I love the colours of the rustling leaves
and the gentle afternoon
sun of Autumn.
Sun makes all the difference.
Or rather: if it does make
all the difference,
everything else is pretty good.
So apparently I'm a-okay.
I wandered out to take some
autumn photos before they're
all stripped away by the sharp
claws of November.
The experience of a bright fall day
cannot be reproduced…

sobota 22. októbra 2011



Happy weekend...


Where did this week go?

I feel like it started and then
in a blink of an eye
it was over.


I'm ready for a weekend filled with
lots of time at home with
my beloved…


Wishing this weekend
would slow down
I hope each of you have a fun
filled weekend ahead –
anything exciting happening?


Enjoy yourself...

piatok 21. októbra 2011



It's one of the most recognizable
expressions, but besides the fact
that it rhymes, which makes it fun
to say and easy to recall, does
it really have any value?
Could the common apple honestly
help a person to maintain perfect health?

The first printed mention of this
saying can be found in
the February 1866 issue of the
publication "Notes and Queries."
The publication printed the proverb
like this: "Eat an apple on going to bed,
and you'll keep the doctor from
earning his bread."

Nearly 150 years later, variations
of this adage are still quoted.
It's unlikely that the saying
would have maintained such
popularity if there wasn't some
truth to it, right? But does eating
an apple every day mean
you'll never get sick?
And is an apple really healthier
than other fruits?

If in addition to apples, you’ll fill
your shopping cart with citrus fruits,
tropical treats like mangos,
and a variety of berries, then
a varied selection of fruits each day
is truly the best way
to keep the doctor away.

sobota 8. októbra 2011



ONE of the oldest castles in Slovakia,
Deví­n, sits on a huge rock
overlooking where the 
river Morava meets the Danube.
The name Deví­n probably
derives from Dowina,
which in Old Slavic meant girl.

One of the castle's legends, originating in the feudal period,
has it that the lady of the castle had beautiful twin girls. On her deathbed, she gave each of them an apple, saying that the apples represented their lives. After their mother's death the sisters exchanged the apples, so that each was responsible for the life of the other. The sisters lived in harmony until the day when a handsome hunter came to the castle. He fell in love with the beautiful lady of the castle, not knowing that there were actually two of them - and that he was dating both twins.

The twins did not know that they had fallen for the same man either. Then one evening, the three of them met by accident and discovered the truth. One of the sisters, in a furious rage, smashed the apple protecting the life of the other sister on the ground. By doing that, she killed her twin. A beautiful apple tree grew on the spot where the apple fell. The jealous sister turned into a black goat, which, according to locals, can still be seen jumping on the castle rock today.


nedeľa 2. októbra 2011



I would like to say, things
around here have been
perfectly lovely. It has truly
been an indian summer.

Summer has felt like it has
stretched. The days have been
warm and sunny.
My garden is still growing
and giving me yummy
things to eat. Despite
the crispness in the air
and the golden hue
of the leaves,
life has been good.

Ahh. Indian summer. I never want the weather to change.

sobota 1. októbra 2011

Sunrise in my bedroom...



My bedroom is orange--the ceiling and all.
Stepping into my room is like stepping
into a sunset. I love it because it always
feels warm and subdued in there.

I found myself leaning again
toward the strong oranges in the sky.
I crave that subdued warmth and beauty.
There will be another day for me
and the soft blues and golds.

Orange throws its arms around you
and holds you close and smiles
in your face the way no other color does...