pondelok 21. apríla 2014


Love the Starbucks Paris mug, drinking a large home made 

Caffe Latte :) 

The coffee shop in Champs-Elysées, Paris isn't really in it's 

own building, but rather in the middle of the mini-mall with 

glass panes partitioning off the coffee shop from the rest of 

the mall; it gives you a bit of a feeling like you're in 

a fishbow. 

It was nice sitting there...

The French architects, Charles Lefebvre, Marcel Julien 

and Louis Duhayon designed the 120 metres long, 15 

metres wide, Arcades des Champs Elysées in a mixture of 

Art Deco and neo-classical styles. Eight of the Scottish 

granite columns came from the old Hôtel Dufayel, to which 

were added eight more in red granite originally surmounted 

by gold capitals. A facing of blonde and black marble 

covers the walls.

The decoration inside the arcades was created by some of 

the top craftsmen in their field – the wrought iron work by 

René Gobert the stained glass by Fernand Jacoppozi and 

the light fittings and shades by Ren´Lalique.

by soundlandscapes