nedeľa 17. júla 2011



I cannot believe that my stay is over.  After more than 6 months I‘ll soon be back home and … well, it is simply weird!  In a few days’ time I will looking at the pictures and thinking to myself -  “I was THERE!”

My experience in London has been incredible and it has opened my eyes to the world.
One of my teachers made an interesting statement in class.  She said, “Discovery is always late. Something has always come before.” How true is that?
So many beautiful places in the UK are so old. I was literally breathing in history throughout my stay, and it is something I will forever remember and be grateful for.
So, thank you to all my advisors and friends. Thanks for making me feel comfortable right away when I was alone and far from home
I'm going to miss walking through London's parks and streets.

I already miss London and it feels weird thinking I am going back to "My world" after spending six months in my little "London Bubble".

  I experienced London, and it is incredible to think that my stay is over. I realise now that yes, staying abroad can seem scary and intimidating. But it is so, SO, worth it and I cannot wait for the day I am able to return...

piatok 15. júla 2011

Hampton Court Palace

"Henrich VIII"

Hampton Court Palace has grown from humble beginnings in the 11th century to one of the finest palaces in the world.
Over 800 years of history can be explored through this magnificent palace whose previous owners include Cardinal Wolsey,
Henry VIII and his daughter Queen Elizabeth I.

Hampton Court Palace was a royal residence from the 1520s when King Henry VIII took over its development from Cardinal Wolsey.
In 1689, Sir Christopher Wren demolished large parts of the Tudor alace and began building a new palace for King Wiliam III and
Queen Mary II.

In 1838, Queen Victoria opened the gardens and state apartments to the public free of charge.

nedeľa 3. júla 2011

Medieval city NORWICH

Norwich is one of Britain's most complete medieval cities. The cathedral was founded in 1096 and is the second longest at 450 feet, and the second highest at 315 feet (96 m). Really worthy to visit..