sobota 7. novembra 2015

Iconic bag

Louis Vuitton Speedy

Launched in the 1930’s, Louis Vuitton chic monogrammed bags 

became a worldwide icon and legend 

in the 1960’s when Audrey Hepburn 

was touting them around town 
or across the globe. 

She loved her Speedy Bags so much 
that she made a special request 

to Louis Vuitton, 
asking them for an even smaller 

version to be created 
especially for her. Louis Vuitton 

of course obliged 

Audrey Hepburn’s 
request and created the “Speedy 25”

 that became her signature bag.

streda 4. novembra 2015


The Saint Bénézet  bridge (built from the twelfth century)   

was part of one of the most important pilgrimage routes 

between Italy and Spain...