sobota 30. marca 2013


Is it Easter or Christmas ?

Many Europeans would be forgiven for being confused by winter's icy grip on lands that
should be thawing in springtime temperatures
by now

What is todays date...please?
I have to mistaken something...

I'm still in the hospital with such a beautiful
view to the garden...

sobota 23. marca 2013

Happy weekend


Patience is not the ability to wait,

but the ability to keep a good attitude

while waiting...

piatok 15. marca 2013

Bratislava strives to combat snow on roads again

After Paris,  this morning, also in Bratislava
 the persistent heavy snow prompted Bratislava's city hall to send out winter service
vehicles to spread grit across
the entire city ...

In the afternoon, transport situation,
in the capital got back to normal.

However, more snow is forecast
for the upcoming days. 



streda 13. marca 2013

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Paris’s heaviest snowfall since 1987 is finally melting away,

Anyway the eternal beauty of the city will never fade …

That’s the magic of Paris

Si je ne peut pas être en France
plue long…mes belles impressions
restes proche de mon cœur…

(If I cannot be in France longer…
my sweet impressions remains
close to my heart...literally)

utorok 12. marca 2013

Paris under the Snow

Paris was covered by a blanket of Snow this morning, creating scenes of a different vision of the City of Light.

The snow was still falling in the morning. The majority of public transportation was immobilized and the streets were frozen.

Paris airport screens flashed with red warnings after the French civil aviation authority ordered about 300 flights - a quarter of the day's total - canceled out of Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Fortunately not mine...

at the airport

It had to happen...The cold weather I’ve had in the last two days of my stay and you won't find it surprising to hear that it snowed in Paris.

But finally I’m back in Bratislava

However Paris was beautiful

nedeľa 3. marca 2013


"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris
as a young man, then wherever you go
for the rest of your life, it stays with you,
for Paris is a moveable feast."


- ERNEST HEMINGWAY, to a friend, 1950

... and I'm going to Paris for some days as well...
It’s a huge city that takes a lifetime to really see....

So see you soon...