nedeľa 29. septembra 2013

piatok 20. septembra 2013

Angle of reflection

Bratislava, Slovakia - Concert Hall

A former Baroque granary built in accordance
with an order of Maria Theresa in 1773.

In 1913 - 1919, they turned an object
in neo Baroque style with
Rococco and Art Nouveau elements.

The Reduta Building, the present place 
of activity of Slovak Philharmonic,
is the most important and representative
point of curtural and social life
in Bratislava's old city centre...

Sweet Days - Chocolate and Candy Festival in Budapest

Sweet Days ...

and Candy Festival
in Budapest

20th - 22th September 2013

The event for those of us
with a sweet tooth

Budapest's annual Chocolate Festival promises 
to be sweet culinary event that
offers participants a chance to experience
everything cocoa products have to offer...

For three days,
chocolate will be featured in all its magnificient
and tasty forms...

I'll be there!!!

this time centred around
dark chocolate - my favourite...

utorok 17. septembra 2013

Why People Don't Tell The Truth

The most dangerous untruths are truths moderately distorted. 

~Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Everyone  tells a white lie on ocasion,
it 's just a question of why...

Some white lies save relationship,
some ease a hectic situation,and
others buy us time or a good feeling...?

The list could go on forever.
Stretching the truth is a natural component
of human instinct because it's the easy way out.
We all do  it, so there is no reason 
to deny it.
Honestly, I think the world is probably a better place because of our white lies.

As long as we aren't hurting others 
or breaking the law,these
innocent lies can make life more pleasant. 
They can absorb potential friction between our 
varying personalities and
vacillating moods as we nudge into one 
another on that quest through our
daily routine.

Most of these white lies only
stretch an interpretation of what 
the truth actually is anyways.

Given our ridig optimism to each lead
a tailored ideal life, white lies simply
cushion us from ourselves...

However, it can destroy years of friendship ... 

 if only  it was a real friendship?

With lies you may get ahead
in the world 
you can never go back....

~ proverb~

piatok 13. septembra 2013

Angle of reflection

Polus City Center

is a shopping mall in Bratislava,
opened in November 2000.

It was the first modern

shopping mall in Slovakia...

The centre, with an area
38,500 m2,
houses a hypermarket, a cinema
complex, 139 retail shops
and several restaurants
and bars...

Part of the complex are
two high-rise office towers:
"Milenium Tower I" (80m)
and "Milenium Tower II"

piatok 6. septembra 2013

Angle of reflection

Modern Architecture in Vienna

In Vienna, you encounter all architectural styles of European history.
Well-known highlights such as the Gothic St. Stefhen's Cathedral 
and the Baroque Schönbrunn Palace draw
tousands of visitors every year.

Off the beaten path, however, you can discover 
important archcitecture of modern times - from Otto Wagner's 
art neuveau buildings to posmodern statements
and current architecture as well...

nedeľa 1. septembra 2013

Angle of reflection


International Horticulture Fair

29 August  -  2 September 2013

 An inevitable event for the people 

who love gardening

Gardens are amongst one 

of the coolest places 

which bring one out 

from the situation of stress 

and take in the world of peace