sobota 26. januára 2013

Kitten Embraces the Morning Sun

                   Kitten Embraces the Morning Sun (Imgur), Source: PictureCorrect Photography Tips

We surely love the morning sun, especially in the cold winter, when the sunrise wakes us up.

The following photo is a cat exudes contentment, his eyes are closed and he is almost reaching towards the light that is casting a beautiful glow upon his face.

It is truly a beautiful photo a moment captured so perfectly you can almost feel the warmth yourslelf just by looking upon it.
This is one adorable cat who really likes the warmth of the sunlight too.

Wishing you a beautiful sunny weekend

sobota 19. januára 2013

Our „Siberian weather“

You can guarantee, while  we describing our current spell of chilly weather as ‘Siberian’ or ‘Arctic’  we had never been to either of these places.  I know full well that what we seeing is nothing of the kind.

We’ve had a cold snap with temperatures dipping below minus five for a few days at night and the serious snow was all over the country. Lots of things don’t work. The transport in the city and on the hills was breaking down.  Everywhere was the true disaster.

 And what about a Siberia when the temperature is below about minus 40 °C, life is not really tenable unless you are seriously well equipped. Peripheral things here take on a profound significance when conditions are more Martian than Terrestrial.

 If you throw a glass of water into the air it really does fall to the ground as a shower of ice. Your lungs hurt thanks to the sheer effort your body must make keeping their delicate membranes warm enough to not freeze solid with every breath, and just existing requires several thousand calories a day in extra fuel. The old saying here is that words spoken at the end of autumn here are held, frozen, in the air, to be heard once again when the thaw comes in spring.

So let’s hear no more nonsense about our ‘Siberian’ weather, because for the original people of Siberia, it would be only the gentle winter.

sobota 5. januára 2013

Happy weekend...

Staying in and reading by listening a music is my big plan this weekend. The weather forecast says rain and chilly. My body says rest and chilling. And my sofa says something like 'I am so comfy and look at your new cute pillow, snuggle up and stay here'. Well, after all it seems that even rainy winter weekends have a good side. They don't make you feel guilty for sleeping long and staying in.
Today I will most certainly enjoy even a rainy and cold winter weekend.

Happy weekend!

utorok 1. januára 2013


Every religion on the planet has told us to have FAITH. Faith is when you cannot see how, but you absolutely know that the moment you have the dream it is given to you, and all you have to do is relax and allow the Universe to magnetize you to your dream and your dream to you.

May the joy be with you

~Rhonda Byrne~