pondelok 21. mája 2012


Robin Gibb

1949 - 2012
Sunday 20 May, 2012 at 10:46:
The family of Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees,
announce with great sadness
that Robin passed away 
 following his long battle
with cancer and intestinal surgery.



Donna  Summer

1948- 2012

Donna Summer - the Queen of Disco -
Died 17th of May after a battle with cancer...

 Robin  and Donna,
we wil never forget you.
Thanks for your fantastic music.

Rest in peace...

utorok 1. mája 2012

I am back

Hi again!

I am back at last after a long break in the hospital ward. Nope, as you know,  i am not a healthcare worker. I have been warded there  due to my sudden attack during the night. Now I am back.   I am sooooo happy...    But  I will now  continue only slowly.

I'll not speak about my problems more...
During my break I realized how important is to think positive. We don't need put much passion  into what we don't want. If I tell you all about an "awful" situation, I would  putting passion into what I don't want. I'd rather be a positive  being...


Many , many thanks for your visits and lovely comments even it was not easy to leave  a comment on my page...


What else is going on?


Spring is here, and all the snow is gone.... We have to enjoy the sun...