piatok 28. marca 2014


Matthias Church  is located  in front 

of the Fisherman's Bastion 

at the heart of Buda's Castle District. 

According to church tradition, 

it was originally built in  1015.

Officially named as 

the Church of Our Lady

it has been popularly 

named after king Matthias

The church was the scene 

of several coronations

including that of  last king Charles IV 

Habsburg in 1916 

Matthias Church

Reflected in Windows of 

Budapest Hilton Hotel

pondelok 3. marca 2014

Königswarte - Observation Tower ( 344 meters above sea level)

Around the Royal Observatory, 

Austria 's easternmost summit 

there is a small hiking paradise has developed , 

which enjoys increasing popularity .

Information boards tell 

of the turbulent past of the small mountain, 

which belongs geologically to 

 the Carpathian Mountains.

The Pannonian climate influenced by the plant 

and animal world has many rarities.

In particular, the observation tower
(27 m high) 

is a popular one because 

it offers a unique panoramic 

view to the Neusiedler See, 

in the lowlands almost to Vienna and

the Slovak capital Bratislava 

is a right at your feet 

Koenigswarte has always been 

a strategically important point.

The mountains called Hundsheimer Berge

or sometimes Hainburger Berge (481 m high)

and feature the ruins of Pottenburg Castle 

the former stronghold near the Theban gate

Bird's eye view from a hill to Bratislava

That reminds me the movie 

"Gone with the wind"