sobota 24. februára 2007

Holiday in the spectacular Austrian Alps

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Holiday in the Austrian Alps
that is ideal for skiers
and non-skiers alike

Austrian Alps
Spectacular, isn't it?
Royal family
Crown Prince Willem-Alexander
and his wife Maxima
entertain their daughters
during a family holiday
in the same Austrian ski resort
The first Alexia's touch
with the snow

Royal Family
When Prince Willem-Alexander
married Maxima on February 2002,
I was by chanse in Amsterdam too...
 Princess Maxima is pregnant
with a third child and the baby
is expected in the latter half of April
This Holiday was very beautiful
why do all good things
come to an end ?

streda 7. februára 2007

Sunrise in the Austrian Alps

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The Austrian Alps are so spectacular
with the stunning snow
capped peaks, wooden chalets,
blue skies, and irresistible
mountain charm.
Blessed with almost 600
mountains that are
3,000 meters or higher

Grossglockner is the highest
with his 3798m. Great... most spectacular views

Actually, sparkling snow,
crisp mountain air, charming villages, and the fun of skiing!

My goal is this cottage
and I'll skiing there
as well
I'm leaving tomorrow for 10 days
I'll miss you all, but I need it...
I wish you
as well

sexy &

The traditional après–ski  song