nedeľa 23. decembra 2012


May God's blessings come to you a thousand fold;
may the love in your heart never get old;
and may you find treasures more precious than gold.


Have a blessed Christmas
and a happy new year
to you and your family!

sobota 22. decembra 2012

Cafe New York in Budapest

Let’s go to Cafe New York...

The four-floor New York Palace was built in 1894
in eclectic style by a New York-based life insurance company: of course, not as a palace but as an elegant office complex. (opened by Sándor Steuer a member of a famous coffee-family

The cafe became one of the most popular iconic cafés
of fin-de-siécle Budapest, especially amongst
Budapest literati: writers frequented the café for its inspirational atmosphere and company as well as for good coffees and meals. Can you imagine that there were 400 different journals and papers in the café to read at the turn of the 20th century?

 “Indeed, this is where Sir Alexander Korda – director of films such as The Private Life of Henry VIII & The Thief of Baghdad - started out for his world award winning career, just as Michael Curtis, Oscar winning director of Casablanca did too,” according to the hotel’s official website.

In 1945 the palace was bombarded, the café had to close down in 1947 and was turned into a warehouse. What a beautiful warehouse it must have been…. It opened again in 1954 renamed as ‘Hungaria’ (New York was too capitalist for the then communist Hungary, and it was not a café any more just a buffet and restaurant).

From Spring 2006 the New York Café welcomes
its guestsin all it's former splendour recalling
the milieu of the beginning of the 20th century

For your coffee, I suggest trying the Tiramisu in real
Italian style,
 or just sipping a glass of Tokaj aszú –
according to totally
unscientific studies it helps to feel
the grandeur of the café...


pondelok 17. decembra 2012

stepping into a new week

Happy Monday my friends!

may this week find your steps..
{whatever kind of shoes you happen to be wearing}  
graced with patience. courage.
and, lots of opportunities to just sit back and smile...

{stepping into a new week}

pondelok 10. decembra 2012

Happy new week...

Happy Monday lovelies!
The weather  here is soooo cold,
we have a new blanket of snow.  
My weekend consisted of lots of
cups of tea with a lemon.
I spent yesterday most of time
in bed to be ready for the busy week ahead.

 I hope all of you had a lovely relaxing weekend...
~♥ ♥~

štvrtok 6. decembra 2012

Christmas Markets in Vienna

Romantic Festive Season in Vienna

you should experience the beautiful Christmas
Markets in Vienna and let yourself
be enchanted by the fabulous locations
of the Christmas Markets in the Austrian capital.

The Christmas Markets at the Vienna Rathausplatz
and in front of Schoenbrunn Palace
or Belvedere are the Christmas highlights
 in Vienna. Here romance, nostalgia and
fairytale landscapes await you.