nedeľa 11. decembra 2011

Would you like a cup of coffee ?


It is available to all of us, rich or poor.
It doesn’t matter what country
you live in, what language you speak
you can get a cup of coffee
without much trouble.

I have had coffee in almost fifty states
and in eleven different countries.
I have friends who have sipped cups
in England and others who have been
served coffee sitting in a grass hut
in the desert of Oman.

The message is always the same:
friendship and warmth.
You are welcome here.

Coffee is an experience, an offer,
a rite of passage, a good excuse
to get together. When someone invites you
to get coffee, it isn’t because
they’re thirsty.

It might be because they’re cold,
but more likely it is because
they want to spend time with you.
Coffee makes a promise.


I want to spend time with you.
I’d like to get together over a cup
of cappuccino or a café latte and
share a few thoughts on friends
and fun, family and faith.

The way I see it, you don’t
need an excuse
to get together over coffee,
but this is one of the best you’ll find