štvrtok 21. apríla 2011

Riverside walk

Across the river Thames is Fulham Palace Gardens and Bishops Park, the church tower of All Saints Church, Fulham can also be seen. At the end of the road you cross Beverley Brook on a small footbridge. Along the river you can see Craven Cottage, the ground of Fulham Football Club.

Putney Bridge is unique in that it is the only bridge in Britain to have a church at both ends the ancient St. Mary's Church, Putney is located in Putney on the south bank; All Saints Church, Fulham is on the north bank and featured in the film The Omen.

The walk next to the Wetland Centre is peaceful and soon you come to the former Harrods Furniture Depository, now re-developed into flats. The attractive Hammersmith Bridge is ahead.

The Dove is one of London's most famous pubs and dates as far back as the 17th Century. The smallest bar in the world, frequented in the past by Ernest Hemingway and Graham Greene

nedeľa 10. apríla 2011



The magnificent Royal Opera House is actually
the third theatre built on the Coven Garden site.
Both the previous theaters were destroyed by fire,
a serious hazard in the era before electricity.
Work on the third and present theatre started in
1857 to designs by E.M.Barry and the new building
opened in May 1858 with a performance of Meyerbeer’s
Les Huguenots

In 1892 the teatre was renamed the Royal Opera House.

I was very glad to received the tickets for
the excellent performance
of P.I.Tchaikovsky

The famous music was originally performed
with different choreography
and found little acclaim at its premiere in 1880.

It was really a great evening...

My trip to Greenwich

Greenwich, right on the banks of the Thames, is something of an expection. Packed with splendid architecture, it has strong connections with the sea, science, sovereigns and - of course - time. Greenwich Main Time has dictated how clocks and watches around the globe are set