sobota 28. januára 2012

Beautiful Cactus Plants

The cactus is a rare and stunning
creationof nature and is
a member of the spine 
plant family Cactaceae, native
to the Americas.

They are often used as
ornamental plants,
but some are also crop plants.

The life of a cactus is
seldom longer
than 300 years, and
there are cacti,
which live only 25 years.




utorok 10. januára 2012

The GLENN MILLER Orchestra in Bratislava

THE GLENN Miller Orchestra (GMO)
played in Bratislava this evening. 

True to the style of the American swing legend
 after whom it is named.
Directed by Wil Salden, who was picked
in 1990 by Glenn Miller’s
heritage company as the GMO’s
bandmaster for Europe.
The concert was titled "In the Miller Mood".  
Apart from Miller’s compositions,
the GMO  also played
classic swing pieces by artists
like Woody Herman,
Count Basie, Harry James
and Ella Fitzgerald.
It was really a very nice evening,
I enjoyed it very much...

piatok 6. januára 2012

Why we fall out of love?

“When the moon hits your eye
like a big pizza pie,
that’s amore!” sang Dean Martin.
We all know the delicious
feeling of new love,
but what about the flip side?
Love doesn’t always last,
and its retreat can leave
us bewildered, confused
or downright depressed.
Even if you were raised on
a plentiful diet of fairy tales,
you know that “till death
do us part” can be a rare thing.
Even staying with someone
forever is no guarantee of
experiencing lasting love.
But why do people really
fall out of love? Is there
anything we can do
to make love stay?
Do some of us give
up too easily?
Who can to understand
the phenomenon of love’s end?
Maybe a distancing “Wave”
can topple a good thing
if you let it.
After all, real love is
a big deal. It involves
a leap of faith, and that can
be a scary thing.
Those who give in to the Wave
fall out of love before they
even give themselves
a chance to fall properly
in love, and that’s kind of sad.