utorok 10. januára 2012

The GLENN MILLER Orchestra in Bratislava

THE GLENN Miller Orchestra (GMO)
played in Bratislava this evening. 

True to the style of the American swing legend
 after whom it is named.
Directed by Wil Salden, who was picked
in 1990 by Glenn Miller’s
heritage company as the GMO’s
bandmaster for Europe.
The concert was titled "In the Miller Mood".  
Apart from Miller’s compositions,
the GMO  also played
classic swing pieces by artists
like Woody Herman,
Count Basie, Harry James
and Ella Fitzgerald.
It was really a very nice evening,
I enjoyed it very much...

8 komentárov:

  1. This is the REAL oldie music. Thanks Viera. Of course this is before your time or mine. hahahaha

  2. surely I came into this world when Glenn Miller was not alive anymore... but I love the old movies...and his music as well...

  3. I think Glenn Miller's music will always be appreciated and loved. I take it you will attend the concert, and will tell us more subsequently. Cheers!

  4. Wow this is really great music I am glade you had a good time, I love it.
    I think Glenn Miller was in WW2 and his plane went missing and he was never heard from again except in his music.

  5. I'm so glad you got to attend, Viera. I would have enjoyed It as well!

  6. I'm sure about it...
    The concert was opened with the sound of 'Moonlight Serenade,'and when I could look around and see men and women astonishing as the music carried them back to years gone by....

  7. You're right Jenny,

    No trace of the aircrew,
    passengers or plane has ever been found....
    but his songs lives forever

  8. It was really to my gratification...