sobota 28. januára 2012

Beautiful Cactus Plants

The cactus is a rare and stunning
creationof nature and is
a member of the spine 
plant family Cactaceae, native
to the Americas.

They are often used as
ornamental plants,
but some are also crop plants.

The life of a cactus is
seldom longer
than 300 years, and
there are cacti,
which live only 25 years.




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  1. Is so beautiful Dear Viera....
    all the wonderful colors,
    the flowers are awesome ..
    the advice... all of them are great....

  2. I wouldn't call them rare, especially in the Southwest US. We even have them wild here in Missouri. I've seen some beautiful cacti natural gardens in Arizona.

  3. The quotes and advices all are inspiring
    The flowers are very beautiful eventhough the plant is full of thorn
    I wonder how such ugly plants can produce very beautiful flowers
    And that reminds me not to judge a book by its cover

  4. Who would have thought cactus could be so beautiful? Thanks so much for sharing these lovely pictues, Viera!

  5. Thank you dear Nancy. I'm very happy you like it as well...The flowers are really awesome...

    You're always welcome...

  6. Sorry Danny...I didn't realize it...
    I wish to have a natural garden here as well...

    Thank you for your visit

  7. Welcome Chris on my page...I'm very glad you like that beautiful flowers as well...

    It is very nice to meet you...

  8. Thank you for your compliment
    great to know you like it.

    You're always welcome ...

    Wishing you a beautiful time

  9. is really incredible...

    Thanks for visiting dear Debbie

  10. Hello sis they do have beautiful flowers. One variety that grows in mexico and is grown to make Tequila from.

  11. wow...I didn't know it...

    Thanks for your visit dear Jenny...