piatok 31. januára 2014

Angle of reflection


Stockholm, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. The beautiful buildings, the greenery, the fresh air and the proximity to the water are distinctive traits of this city...

(Photograph taken during my April 2006 business trip to Stockholm...)

piatok 17. januára 2014

Angle of reflection

A walk along the shore path 

I have walked the shore path of a small Lake 
not far from my home, which is still  in the city...

I need to see the path in every season.. 
Whether I take a short walk,  
it is  a lovely way to spend a few hours there.

What is useful,  be sure to wear comfortable shoes, 
carry water and bring a camera for snapshots 
of the beautiful surroundings.

It seems not that it is a winter time here

I live here so I get to enjoy this often...

Enjoy your weekend !

nedeľa 5. januára 2014

Visit Bratislava | Visit Bratislava

My hometown

Maybe once we'll meet here...

Bratislava  is a capital of Slovakia  and with a population about
500 000 inhabitants...and  also the country’s largest city...

It is situated in the south-western part of Slovakia on the both banks of the River Danube... and  it is the city with a rich history...

The city was the capital of the *Kingdom of Hungary under
The Habsburg Monarchy from 1536 to 1783...

Bordering Austria  and Hungary, it is the only national capital  that  borders  two  independent countries

Bratislava and Vienna  are two  of the  closest European national capitals  to each other, at  less than 60 kilometers (37 mi) apart...