nedeľa 27. marca 2011


More than 250,000 people took to London's
streets to protest the toughest spending
More than 200 people were arrested

Teachers, nurses, firefighters, public sector
workers, students, pensioners and
campaign groups all took part in Saturday's
mass demonstration.

Although most of Saturday's
was peaceful, clashes continued into the
night as dozens of protesters pelted officers
with bottles and amonia-filled lightbulbs.

 Groups set several fires and smashed shop
windows near tourist landmarks such as
Trafalgar Square.
The demonstration began in the afternoon.
Police said one small group of protesters
broke away from the main march, scuffling
with police officers and attempting to
smash windows on two of London's main
shopping streets. Others threw objects at
the posh Ritz Hotel in nearby Piccadilly.


Peaceful rally in London  turned violent...

pondelok 21. marca 2011


Today is the first day of spring

In many tales, there is a recurring theme of love being the most important aspect of a person's life.
However not only  love is the most important thing in life, but also women are in charge when it comes to love. The women in the stories are fair and beautiful like spring.
  The great feeling that spring causes is  happens because it is spring, and women are beautiful in this time too. 
The first sign of spring is flowers, they control when spring begins; a woman who is compared to a springtime flower can control when the happiness and the love begins...

nedeľa 20. marca 2011

Sunny day in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is actually one of the most popular parks in London and it is liken to Central Park in New York. It actually is about more than a mile square and that includes Serpentine Lake, Marble Arch and of course, the Diana Memorial Fountain...

London is definitely one of those places that you should visit sometime in your lifetime. Not only is it one of those places that is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful but it is a fantastic place whenever you are looking to go to truly get away and to truly be wowed by all of the beauty that one place has...