nedeľa 27. marca 2011


More than 250,000 people took to London's
streets to protest the toughest spending
More than 200 people were arrested

Teachers, nurses, firefighters, public sector
workers, students, pensioners and
campaign groups all took part in Saturday's
mass demonstration.

Although most of Saturday's
was peaceful, clashes continued into the
night as dozens of protesters pelted officers
with bottles and amonia-filled lightbulbs.

 Groups set several fires and smashed shop
windows near tourist landmarks such as
Trafalgar Square.
The demonstration began in the afternoon.
Police said one small group of protesters
broke away from the main march, scuffling
with police officers and attempting to
smash windows on two of London's main
shopping streets. Others threw objects at
the posh Ritz Hotel in nearby Piccadilly.


Peaceful rally in London  turned violent...

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  1. i saw it on the news this morning when i woke up
    it turned very nasty
    i hope you`re ok
    and didn`t get caught up in any of the trouble :(
    hugssss xx

  2. I read that on Yahoo news and heard about it on our radio here in the US.
    Hope that you are okay my friend.
    It seems that all over the world there are problems and in the US
    Love and Hugs, your friend, Gloria

  3. Thanks for this information my friend...hoping all is well & be safe!

  4. I saw on TV, I was worried about you...
    Hope you are ok and be safe.
    Take care,
    Sending you Angel to protect you....

    *hugs and love*

  5. I saw it on TV but as I'm naturally optimist, I presumed you were safe....

  6. I hope that you were well clear of the trouble sweet friend.
    I was saddened when I saw the news reports.

  7. On Sunday :

    Yes I'm OK...The debris left by yesterday's carnage had been removed ...No evidence was left of the chaos caused by protesters ...Sunday was peaceful and one of another days in London...I have to learn to live in a big city...:-)

    Thank you for all your messages...Wishing you a nice week...

  8. Hate seeing rallies that turn violent as that sure doesn't help anything. Hope you are safe!

  9. With the budget deficits and cuts that have to be made because of such, there will be many problems across the Uk and America this summer. I look for big problems in California soon. Stay clear of these protests and take good care of yourself, wonderful friend. Thanks for sharing what is happening there in London. Hug. Three

  10. Thank you for your impressive messages...

  11. hi Vierie I am happy you were not hurt. You tookk some nice pictures sis.

    Love you sis

  12. This is not the London I know.........sad, I dont like violence, we have many ways to complain.............
    hugsss my dear.