štvrtok 29. mája 2014



You can find the ROLAND's Fountain 

in the main square of Bratislava.

This fountain built in 1572,

featuring a 10.5 metre column.

At the top of the column there is

a statue of a armoured knight 

known as Roland, 

a legendary character believed

to protect the city.

Not only  fountain even  a  restaurant 

 put to use  Roland's  name

The photo was taken with a cell phone...

 However, it seems like a nice

contribution of the main square,

something what  is nice to see

 during the warmer months

 of the year...

Main Square, Bratislava is located in the Old Town and it is considered
to be the center of the city...

štvrtok 22. mája 2014


Weekend Reflections

Petrzalka is the largest and densest district
in Bratislava,also it is the largest housing
development in central Europe.

However, today there is not only vast greenery
but also several interesting natural sights located

just among houses or nearby.

This channel stretches across Petrzalka from north to south where it turns to its southeastern part; it is remaining of former creek of the Danube which used to flow through this area. The creek is renowned with lots of greenery, thus it is a picturesque oasis in Petrzalka with rich flora and fauna – mostly there are many different fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians

Sporadically on its surface appear water lilies and you can admire it in summer months. Next to the Croatian Arm there are several pathways where you can take a walk, ride a bike or roller skate. The arm is somewhat of Petrzalka’s artery and it is well-accessible from many main roads or streets

Or you can get there if you turn at international bike trail along the Danube dam at southeast of Petrzalka

Petrzalka is the best example that even in a densely populated area a harmony of city and nature is possible.

utorok 6. mája 2014

Angle of reflection

Spring in Saint James Park in London

London weather in spring has a magnetic fragrance, it is unique and it is lively in the air and it can be furthermost expressed in the famous  gardens of  London... 

...I have to say that spring comes with some fresh and inspiring thoughts and happy smiles on my face...