pondelok 10. decembra 2012

Happy new week...

Happy Monday lovelies!
The weather  here is soooo cold,
we have a new blanket of snow.  
My weekend consisted of lots of
cups of tea with a lemon.
I spent yesterday most of time
in bed to be ready for the busy week ahead.

 I hope all of you had a lovely relaxing weekend...
~♥ ♥~

4 komentáre:

  1. Happy Monday! I did a lot of relaxing over the weekend, too. It's the best thing to do when the weather is too cold to be outside. Have a lovely week ahead!

    1. wishing you a beautiful week as well...Sometimes it's great to take a rest...:-)

  2. Happy start of the week, Viera! Have you caught a cold? Hope you had those cups of lemon tea not for a particular reason but just because you liked having them....

    1. I have caught a cold in Vienna. Our bus driver lost the way and come 45 min later...That was a reason to take this cups of herbal tea with a lemon even though I like them...Have a anice time in warmer Lisbon...