utorok 30. októbra 2012


The hightly desirable, illusive tote
at the moment has been claimed
by the famous luxury designer
Maison Goyard, a 144 year
Parisian luggage and handbag maker. 
Sightings of this bag are rare. 

In 1997 a fashion entrepreneur,
Jean Michel Signoles,
bought the established and
at the time antiquated brand
and brought it back to life. 

With a few pops of color to
Goyard's signature pieces,
Jean Michel managed to revamp
Goyard's stodgy image
into a relatable chic luxury
for the modern woman.   
Goyard's marketing strategy,
however remains conservative
and traditional in the sense
of their determined focus
on prestige and exclusivity. 

Oh  dear Santa Claus, 
when not Chanel  iconic bag ,
then this one...please...

4 komentáre:

  1. How nice Goyard bags are! Other than nice they look very practical. I sincerely hope Santa Claus will have one for you...

  2. I agree with Belita, and have the same hope for you Viera :)

  3. that's great... now it must work...