pondelok 15. októbra 2012


“Even I Don’t Wake Up Looking Like Cindy Crawford!”

If even Cindy Crawford laments the fact
that she doesn’t look as good
as the Cindy Crawford represented in the media,
then why should the rest of us
feel guilty that we don’t
look like the celebrities

Oh Cindy...

I remember growing up and dreaming
about looking like her one day.
Obviously that didn't happen.
Not even with hooded eyes
and from a distance.
I even used to steal my Mum's eye liner
to make a beauty mark
above my lip similar to hers.

 Apparently she was discovered
at the age of 16 by a newspaper photographer
 when she was working during her summer job
in a corn field. So we have it.

The secret is in the corn!
I wish I knew it sooner ...

"Not that I believe I can have it all:
I believe I can have it all, just not at the same time

Anyway ... "When I wake up 
I wish looking like Cindy Crawford“

2 komentáre:

  1. Yes, it's said that she was discovered when she had a summer job at a corn farm, near Chicago, more precisely in Dekalb, where her mother was still living in 2007, when I stayed there for 2 weeks. I'll tell you a story when I have a chance... Pls wait until then...

  2. Wow dear Blita...I'm really curious...I can't wait for your story and I'm looking forward to hearing about it...