piatok 12. októbra 2012

Morning's mood

I'm pretty sure today is a beautiful day.
It's still morning, so it's not quite
deep enough into the day to tell,
but I think it will be.

And I don't mean beautiful as in sunny
and warm and refreshing
with a slight breeze.
I'm not talking about the weather.

I think today is going to be beautiful
for all its mundane moments.
Today's little things -- books to read,
places to go, food to eat --
have started to gather and
it's gonna be good.
I can tell.

And you know what,
to heck with all of that,
I want to create meaning and
substance and depth from nothing.
I want to do it everyday.
I want to live my life looking
for redemption in a sprinkler
and transcendence in the steam rising
from a pot of boiling water.
I want to look for God in the rain
that is just about to drop from
the heavy clouds at this very moment.

So maybe I am talking about the weather.

2 komentáre:

  1. Love the last sentence!!! Have a great weekend, regardless the weather conditon..... Hugs

  2. Have a great weekend too Belita...Thank you...