nedeľa 7. októbra 2012

Indian Summer

If this Indian summer is giving you the itch to get away - let's go.

If your life is as hectic as mine, then the weekends are the stuff your dreams are made of.  There's nothing better than letting loose for both days, so why not truly get away from it all.   You don't need a big budgets and schedules,  call for something a little more, well, convenient. Enter the Austria — our neighbors to the south know a thing or two about easy livin', and the scenery and fresh air can't be beat.

A trip along the Austrian Danube unfolds like a treasured picture book. Roman ruins (some dating to Emperor Claudius), remains of medieval castles-in-air, and Baroque monasteries with "candle-snuffer" cupolas perching precariously above the river stimulate the imagination with their historic legends and myths.  If your schedule allows  gives more time to take in the picturesque vineyards and the castles perched on crags overlooking the river.


These activities are all perfect for a fall getaway. Can you say foliage?

2 komentáre:

  1. Very enticing words and images...

  2. Thank you Belita...I wish to visit those places with you, accompanied by splendid autumn's weather...