sobota 20. augusta 2011


How to avoid quarreling?

The main reason of quarreling is that many people think that is only one answer to the question. The quarreler’s point is that “I’m right. You are wrong”. The problem is that the quarreling has no end if they all thing in this way.
In fact, there is no absolute answer about the problem. The problem just is different view, not wrong and right.
People who are good at quarreling will stand in the view of others or compare the difference between them. Then the quarrel ends soon.

Someone who is not adept in quarreling wants to confute the other to prove they are right. However the result is that they are internecine.
Never quarrel when you have visitor.
In this case quarreler wants to prove he is right. Sometime he hopes to get support from the third one. In order to get the support, he will tell the other’s fault ceaselessly.
It hurt friend's love badly to tell the other’s fault to the third one. Friends should avoid it in your best, or you will be hurt...

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  1. Interesting blog, Viera! Quarelling sometimes is good even if it happens between or among friends, assuming that everyone has the know how to quarel in a clever and graceful way...

  2. Problems may have more than one solution. Then some problems may have that only one solution. If I had a partner I certainly would discuss the various options. One thing is for sure, if there is some kind of problem wiht anything, it needs to be resolved somehow.

  3. Sometimes, when friends are'nt too close to each other, they assume certain things and due to misunderstandings, a fight is resulted.. This happens when there is a communication gap between them.. This is the root cause for a quarrel.. If there is'nt any communication gap, I bet that there won't be any quarrels..

    Thank you for visiting dear Belita and enjoythe rest of this Sunday...

  4. I felt really sad after watching my friends quarrel.. As I say always, I look out for positives in every possible situation..

    We might fight with our parents, brothers, sisters and strangers too, but when we fight with our own friends, it really hurts.. a main reason I feel for a fight between two friends is "Misunderstandings" and "Ego clashes"...

    Thank you Terry for your thoughts...

  5. A fight always results due to a small issue and that issue can be resolved very easily only if we give it some thought.

    But usually in the heat of the moment, some of us are out of their minds and don't find that time to think and this usually results in a fight.

    Great blog, Viera. That reminds me something.

  6. I agree with you dear Regina...Each problem can be resolved very easily, particulary, when a quarreler is one he has a high EQ.

    My knowledge about EQ is, that the person with high EQ can cope with his feelings and emotions of the other people and can find positive motivation in a situation that is not for him at first look favorable.

    In a strange way... plainly it is not always true...:-)

    Have a nice week...

  7. Proverb : An argument is never only one person's fault.;
    If the other person refuses to participate, there cannot be an argument.

  8. Thats right Viera ! Two are needed to have a quarrel.
    If one dont answer , the argue dont exist. Its the way to stop a quarrel.

  9. Quarrels would also not last long if the fault were only on one side ...:-)

    Thanks for your comment dear Ivonne...