sobota 5. augusta 2006


ANDALUSIA  represent Spain par excellence.

But in summer is there hotter
than in hell (believe me).
In the evening the temperature
was more as 40 celsius degree (104 F). 

I visited only four cities, but what 
I saw  - it was really very spectacular.
So let's go - enjoy it with me...



is one of Andalucia's
loveliest towns, steeped in history.

Ronda is also famous for
its bullring, the oldest,
and the most beautiful
one in Spain; the arena
itself is also the
country's largest.

Ronda and the town itself
is  one of the most charming
and fascinating towns
in Andalusia


Cordoba is a city embedded
with history, legend and
art with strong Arabic,
Christian and Jewish
influences. During the
Arabic domination (711 - 1263)
Cordoba was the artistic
and cultural center
of the "Al-Andalus"
empire and was the capital city.

Cordobas The Mosque Cathedral


This is probably the most
famous view of the Mosque...


The "Mezquita" was begun in 784
by Abd al-Rahman I,
over the old Christian basilica.
In the 10th century it
became the largest mosque
in the world.

The Catholic Monarchs and Columbus


The Catholic Monarchs
Isabel and Ferdinand,
who financed Columbus travels,
lived in Cordobas Alcazar
for 8 years...

Columbus ship


In 1492 Christopher Columbus
set out on a journey that
would discover a new continent...


One of the most brilliant
jewels of universal
architecture is the Alhambra,
a series of palaces and
gardens built under
the Nazari Dynasty
in the 14th C.

This mighty compound of
buildings “ including
the summer palace
called Generalife,
with its fountains
and gardens - stands
at the foot of Spain's
highest mountain range,
the Sierra Nevada,
and overlooks the city
below and the fertile
 plain of Granada.


Isn't it divine?



By following the carretera
de Trasierra and taking
the street that leads to
the Madinat Al-Zahra,
also known as the
Medina Azhara, lies the luxurious
palace of the Caliph,
"the Versalles of Cordoba",
that was built in 10 Century.
Even though only
the remains exist today
 they give an indication
of how magnificent
the palace once was.

Al Zahra







Not far of  Al-Zahra is that 
amazing castle Almodovar


View of the castle




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