nedeľa 3. septembra 2006


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Flag of Egypt



The fertile land, the river
and the sea were the source
of life for Ancient Egypt.
The Luxor area is the most
major attraction for tourists
and has often been called
the worlds greatest
open air museum



The mystery of Temple
is indescribable and

the beauty of the
wallpaintings is



The tombs of  the Nobles - Ramose

(Ramose was the vizier
of Thebes during
the 18th Dynasty)



Valley of the Queens

Valley of the Queens

(Nefertari was Ramses 2's favourite wife)


Valley of the Kings - Seti1

(The longest tomb in the valley)



Valley of the Kings - Tutankhamun

(1361 - 1352 BCE)



Tombs of the Nobles - Menna

(Menna was a 15th century
scribe of estates
in all of Egypt)




Worker's Village - Tomb of Sannedjem

(Sannedjem, his wife
Iyneferty and the tree of life)




Flag of Israel

During my holiday in Egypt
I visited  for a short time
Israel and  the beautiful
city Jerusalem.
Jerusalem is like no other
city on earth. It is holy to
the world's three major
monotheistic religions, and was
fought over for three millennia
by a variety of peoples and nations.


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