sobota 16. februára 2008



Let me invite you to travel to Austria too, via my admirable photos of Austrian Alps.... When I see those paradise panorama at the height of 3.500 m, thinking about it...actually I’m blessed that Got give me the opportunity to share them, I don’t need to ask anything else. This feeling make me very happy, because I have the opportunity to live, share and enjoy those incredible places in the world...


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  1. Thank you for starting MY day this way!!

  2. What a lovely presentation.
    Thank you. :-)

  3. I give this the 3 V's. Very scenic! Very awesome! Very professionally done! Was that Enya singing as a n Angel again? I just love her. Thanks for the tasty coffee, just my flavor, and the tour of all tours! I would love to see them, if I just had the right guide. You would really get excited about seeing the Rocky Montains of Colorado! Or the red mountains and cliffs of Sedoan, Arizona. I camp there whenever I can, bu a creek in a tent. sometimes in a cabin if there are too many of us. Back to your video. A signature of God is all over it!!! Thanks for the relaxing and so astoundingly scenic tour. Three

  4. Brrrrrr...... I must be freeze if I am there.
    Very great place.... Viera... :)

    Thanks God for Your creation.....

  5. Beautiful slide show and music, Viera, and the scenery is spectacular! Many thanks for sharing this with your friends! Hugs!