sobota 29. marca 2008


That "X" sky is so awesome! I like the t-shirt idea someone mentioned. ANd here I am imagining all the possible Photoshop Phun with filling the blue "X" sky with just about anything! Maybe underwater coral reef, maybe outer space, maybe images from the Sistine Chapel?...

Love this pictures and the spirit they've shared!

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  1. You sure got some awesome photos of the NYC downtown area. Hope it was a wonderful experience to savor and remember always. Thanks for the excellent blog of great photos! You sure took lots, and then to share them with us. You have a large caring heart. Three

  2. Glad to see you back on here! Very beautiful slide show. No doubt, NY is NY! Have a great weekend,

  3. Great slide show, Viera. :-). Like your ideas about the "X" sky too. If you wanted to be really macabre, you could fill it with a huge eye. :-)
    Love the music.

  4. Beautiful Beautiful pictures.. Places I have never been. I love the masterpieces of such high buidings. (Altho' my fear of them since 9-11 have been a bit heightened) not to say I wouldn't, but a bit more fear than before. I love the picture of the X- You should chack out Monochromatic Monday at:
    I have one up at:
    You are so welcome to stop by... In fact I would be honored...
    Well, thanks for the lovely pictures, and sorry for stepping ppast the Sunday rec, but when I saw the X, I was just drawn... Have a terrific weekend, hugs, lilangelwolf