streda 10. júna 2009


Bertrand Russell:     
The good life is inspired by
love and guided by knowledge.

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  1. If that is true.... than I have a good life indeed....

  2. ...speaking of good things... it appears I might be coming back to Bratislava later this year... Right now, it is just a possibility...
    I will keep you updated.

  3. My Best Friend
    Today I found a friend,
    Who knew everything I felt.
    She knew my every weakness,
    And the problems I've been dealt.

    She understood my wonders,
    And listened to my dreams.
    She listened to how I felt about life and love,
    And knew what it all means.

    Not once did she interrupt me,
    Or tell me I was wrong.
    She understood what I was going through,
    And promised she'd stay long

    I reached out to this friend
    To show her that i care
    To pull her close and let her know
    How much I need her there

    I went to hold her hand
    To pull her a bit nearer
    And realized that this perfect friend I found
    Was nothing but my mirror.

  4. Hi Viera!! hope you have a great day

  5. Good morning sygmarom... Thanks for your post...Have a nice day...

  6. Hello Andrew...I'll try to have a great one...

  7. It may be true...
    Have a nice day, Viera. Hugs, Belita

  8. I believe too, that age does not protect us from love, but love to some extent protects us from age.