nedeľa 16. augusta 2009


Love isn't a decision. It's a feeling.
If we could decide who we loved,
it would be much simpler,
but much less magical.
(Trey Parker and Matt Stone, 1998 )

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  1. There are many types of "love'.

    The fireworks of physical attraction can only carry a relationship so far. A deeper, and different type of love must grow if the relationship is to last through the ups and downs of life.

    Actually, love can be "decided" too . . . and then the feelings come along later. Ask anyone who has had to forgive someone close to them. Ask people who are in arranged marriages. Some of them learn to love each other. Ask two friends who eventually come to love each other.

  2. Hello my dear I hope your new year brings you new and more exiting next chapter of your blessed life.
    love ad happyness to. You

  3. Thank you Jenny... Have a nice day...